Mindfuck Findom

Cruel findoms fucking your mind

Lady Rockabella did not come from a fortunate family and she had to find a way to pay for her expensive tuition. And that is what pushed her to become one of the best in the business. She wanted to give her clients maximum satisfaction so that they spoiled her with lots of money and in doing so, she would not have a problem paying her tuition. And that is how it happened exactly.

Big asses and big tits are a huge asset when it comes to financial domination and mind fucking. Given that mistress Harley was good with both, she used that chance to dominate this guy and enjoy having fun at his expense. The mistress played with her big jugs and wiggled her hot ass to turn this guy on. And once she had mind fucked him, she had a freehand to do whatever she wanted to his wallet.

Lady Zora had loaned this guy some money and she wanted it back. But the guy did not want to pay back and he had a habit of not paying back. The mistress was infuriated and she used her mind fuck findom to not only get back her money, but she also used it to also get a chance to dominate him in other different ways that he did not know about.

Lady Demona pretended that she was interested in having fun with this guy and the clueless guy bought the lie. She had a great time turning him into her pay slave after she had succeeded in mind fucking him. And then she laughed all the way to the bank after she had financially dominated him. She then let him leave after making him think that they had had dirty fun.

Madame Svea is the kind of person who loves to dominate and especially for money. Today she did not have much to do other than to humiliate this guy financially and she did not disappoint. The mistress used her spankable ass to turn the guy on and after he was turned on, she mind fucked him and then financially dominated him. Then she laughed all the way to the bank.

Goddess Nika does not shy away from showing off what her mama gave her but she never does it in vain. She does it to get something and today she wanted to mind fuck this guy and then dominate him financially. Given the naughtiness she displayed, he was turned on and could not resist her. That is how he found himself under her spell and he did all she asked him.

Lady Stefanie wanted to make some money for herself and so she used her mind fucking prowess to gain control over this guy. The mistress had an easy time doing it given that she has a hot body and she showed off her tits and later on a strapon. The guy was powerless against her and she was able to mind fuck him after which she used that control to make money from him.

Goddess Lena loves to change her wardrobe yearly. She loves to keep with the trends and she only wears designer clothes and shoes. Time had come for her to change her wardrobe and she did it by mind fucking her boss and then turning him into her human atm. He paid for her wardrobe change and he thought he was rewarding her for a job well done but in reality she had mind fucked him.

Mistress Jolie felt bored and stressed. As she tried to look for a solution to her problem, she figured out that a vacation would do her a lot of good and so she planned for one. But she knew she did not want to pay for it out of her own pocket so she did the next best thing and she mind fucked this loaded guy and she got him to finance it for her.

Goddess Alaine does not like nosy people but this guy was. She had to hit him where it hurt the most and for him, that was his pocket. So she warned him against being nosy but he did not stop. So next time he was nosy, she teased him and used her hot body and her naughty ways to get him turned on and to mind fuck him. She had total control over him and that is how she financially dominated him.

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