Mindfuck Findom

Cruel findoms fucking your mind

When goddess Nika noticed that this guy was extra thirsty, she knew he had not had sex in a while and he was especially vulnerable to what she wanted to do to him. She wanted to take advantage of her hot body to tease him and to get him to do her certain favors that she knew he would not do to her if she did not mind fuck him.

Madame Svea wanted to use joi to mind fuck her slave. The mistress knew he had not had sex in a while and since she was hot and naughty, she would not have a hard time mind fucking him. She had a great time dominating him and she got him where she wanted him. When she accomplished her task, she gave him a reward which was her kinky jerk off instructions.

Goddess Lena is good at what she does that she can dominate someone without them knowing what she is up to. She did not want anything from this guy. She was only interested in trying out a few things that she was interested about. So she teased him while smoking her cigarette in a sexy manner and also stroking a dildo she held. She mind fucked him and he did not see it coming.

This goddess knew this guy had some valuable information that she wanted to lay her hands on. She had to come up with a way to make him give her the information she wanted. So the mistress thought about it and she settled on mind fuck to do it. And the mistress made him give her the info and then she financially dominated him as well just because she could.

This mistress is mysterious and she loves it that way. She wanted to have a great time with this loser so she forced him to do things her way. But it was not like she threatened him or anything. She just teased him and with her sexy looks and naughty ways, he stood no chance and it was akin to forcing him to do something. She had a great time at his expense.

Princess Kate had gotten huge favors from this guy. And she knew he expected to fuck her in return. But she was not ready to do that. So she used her mind fucking prowess to make him believe that they had fucked. She even took videos that she edited to make them suit her narrative. And to make him cum, she jerked him off. He loved that they had fucked although he did not remember much.

Mistress Gabriela is a hot looking girl. She is a bit lazy and likes to use other people to get her stuff done. She had a huge task pending and she wanted her co-worker to do it for her. So she teased him with her sexy breasts and she mind fucked him so well that he agreed to do it for her. He expected rewards but she gave him jerk off instructions.

When this guy messed with goddess Nika, he did not know that he was in for a rude shock. He was made to regret everything that had happened and he tried his best to apologize but it did not help. The mistress mind fucked him and got to control and make him do all kinds of nasty things to him. She paid him back worse than he had wronged her.

Madame Svea loves to chill with haters when she is bored. She gets to hear a lot of conspiracy theories from them and she gets to dominate and humiliate them as the case may be. Today she did not just humiliate this hater, but she also dominated him financially. It was a lot of fun for her to do so and she made money while also having fun. She wished she had known about mind fuck findom earlier.

This mistress wanted some information that she knew her ex boyfriend had. She did not want to beg him for it so she used her knowledge of him to get it. She charmed him and she mind fucked him to get all the information she wanted and when she had gotten it, she chased him away from her house. He was of no use to her anymore as she had what she wanted.

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