Mindfuck Findom

Cruel findoms fucking your mind

Madame Svea had made a mistake at the office which was pretty serious. But she used mind fuck to correct it. She used her mind fucking prowess to make her boss look at it as a small thing that would be easily rectified and she had him rectify it for her. And then she financially dominated him after she had hypnotized him and she made sure he did not even know.

When mistress Xenia found out that she had some power over her boss, she knew it was time to use it to make some money for herself. She wanted it in the form of a promotion. So she got her boss under her control by teasing him and mind fucking him. She then had him sign her letter of promotion and she enjoyed the perks as she continued to mind fuck him.

Goddess Yasemin wanted to scare this money slave. She did not want to use teasing and flirting to get to him. She, instead, chose to use a strapon which she promised to use to fuck him if he did not make it rain for her. He had no choice but to do it in order to avoid pissing her off and getting her to fuck him in the ass as she had promised.

Lady Anja wanted to have fun at the expense of her slave and so she went ahead to tease him and to have him watch as she did her thing. He loved it and was turned on. And as she turned him on, she noticed that she was able to control him. She used that very control to make him pay her for what she had done for him. He gladly paid up.

Mistress BlackDiamoond and lady Alice had a stingy boss who would work them hard but not pay them enough. He would make them spend their own money on company expenses yet the company was doing well. Today they had to get back at him and they did it using mind fuck findom. They played with his mind while naughtily dressed and before he realized what was going on, he was under their control and that is how they compensated themselves handsomely.

Mistress Emily knew that her ticket to this guy's wallet was through her sexy body and she did not hesitate to use her gorgeous body to turn him on and control him. He loved seeing how naughty she was and how she did some kinky stuff for his pleasure. All those naughty and kinky stuff blindfolded him to what she wanted him to see and that is how she had fun milking him dry.

Mistress Dana felt that she needed to dominate her neighbor financially and that is what she went ahead to do. The mistress used her hot ass and fine figure to tease the guy and within no time, he was under her influence and she enjoyed turning him into her human atm. He loved all she did to him and did not even know she was financially dominating him. He found out his bank balance had taken a massive hit a few days later.

When she wanted money, mistress Gaia did not look further than her ex. He was rich and she knew which buttons to push to get it. So she pushed those buttons as they were his weakness and she mind fucked him enough to get him to give her some good cash. He loved her gorgeous body and her kinky ways. He wanted her and it was that desire that helped her get what she wanted out of him.

Lady Rockabella was broke and she needed to make some money. So she used her hot ass as a way to draw out pay slaves. And after they came out, she landed the jackpot as she used it to tease them and she made money from them as she was able to control them and make them do things she wanted. The mistress laughed all the way to the bank.

Madame Svea knew this slave was into her and she also knew that he had been paid so she used her hot body which was into to mind fuck him and get control of him. The control she had of him made him malleable to her and she got her hands on his money. She, however, left him some money to survive until his next paycheck. She did not want to milk him dry.

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