Mindfuck Findom

Cruel findoms fucking your mind

Lady Rockabella had lost her job and she had bills to pay. Being a proud girl, she did not want to beg her friends or family to make ends meet. And she knew she could not do certain jobs just to survive. She chose to have fun and make money out of it. She had noticed that guys were into her since she had a gorgeous ass. So she turned her ass into a money maker my using mind fuck findom.

Mistress Gaia was bored and she wanted to have some excitement in her life. She did not want to stay all bored in the house when she knew she could have fun at the expense of this loser. She went ahead and used the loser as her prop for having fun. She mind fucked him by teasing him with her naughty moves and the guy became a robot and did what she asked him to do.

With her big tits and flirty nature, this mistress knew that she could easily mind fuck this loser and make some money out of him. The mistress turned on this guy and she got him to open his wallet for him. She laughed all the way to the bank when she was done with him and she loved that she did not have to give him anything in return aside from teasing him. They were not even physically together.

Princess Serena needed money and she knew that her ex was loaded. She was still mad at him and she wanted to make him suffer and she felt that since she knew his weaknesses, she would exploit them and make money out of him. So she used her mind fucking skills to make money at the expense of her ex who could not resist what she did to him as she knew him very well.

Goddess Nika and her boyfriend had not seen each other in a while and they missed each other terribly. The mistress chose to make her boyfriend have a great day. She used her hot body and naughty nature to turn him on and watch as he gave in to his urges and he jerked off as she watched and cheered him on. It was great for both of them and eased the sexual tension that was building up.

Madame Svea wanted to land a sale and make a huge commission out of it. She tried to see what her chances of landing the sale were and she found out they were not very high as she had stiff competition. So she chose to use her sexy charm and mind fuck findom to get the guy who had the ultimate authority to sign the deal sign it in her favor.

Lady Anja had not had fun at the expense of her slave for a long time and she missed it. She had punished him effectively and he rarely made mistakes so she did not have a lot to work with. So the mistress chose to tease him because that was not a punishment per se. So she mind fucked him and she teased and denied him. She wanted to dominate him financially but she decided against it at the last minute.

Mistress Dana loves to make money from the comfort of her home. All she does is to chat guys who have some fair amount of money and then she creates rapport with them and then she finds a way to tease them and control them. That way, she makes them send her money and she does nothing physical with them and she does not have to leave the comfort of her house.

This mistress wanted to make some money from this loser and she made it by mind fucking him. She knew him as a selfish and a stingy person and that is why she chose a different avenue to make money from him. The mistress chose to tease him and turn him to putty in her hands and dominate him financially as she had total control of him. He did not know what hit him when it was all over.

Goddess Nika did not want anything from this loser. She just wanted to test her mind fuck prowess. So she chose to tease him and try her powers on him. The mistress wore a thong and a bra and she set out to flaunt her goodies on him. She pretended she was into him and that she wanted to do naughty things to him and in no time, he was like putty in her hands.

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