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When this mistress needed to torture this guy, she did not bother using pain to do it. She used her big tits to do it and in no time, she had managed to control him. He was turned on and that was what made it easier for her to get the info from him. She had complete control over him and that worked wonders as she not only got what she wanted, but she also made him do some crazy stuff.

Goddess Yasemin knows that for her to continue thriving in the world of mind fuck findom, she has to continually innovate and try new things. That is why she dressed up sexily today and she tried a new mind fuck findom style on this guy. He was her guinea pig as she knew that if it worked on him, it would work on anyone else she wanted to mind fuck.

Goddess Nika wanted to control her man and she knew she could easily do it using mind fuck findom. That is why she chose to use it. She had to make sure she was good at it that is why she trained as hard as she could to make sure she had all the right skills. And the mistress was able to get what she wanted which was to control her man.

Mistress Harley wanted to mind fuck her friend's boyfriend because she had a thing for him and she expected that she would be able to control him and have a thing with him. She wanted something short so that she could get to experience and taste him then let him continue with his relationship with her friend. She had to mind fuck him because she did not want him to remember anything about it.

Goddess Nika was in need of money and good money at that. She knew it had to take something extraordinary for her to get it from pay slaves. So she made things hot and steamy for them by playing with herself as they watched and in no time, she had managed to mind fuck them and thereafter turn them into her pay bitches. That is how she got the money she needed.

Lady Stefanie wanted to mind fuck this guy and she did it nicely. The mistress was wearing her lingerie and she looked amazing and inviting. But that was not all as she also had a dildo which she stroked as she told the guy the things she wanted to do to his dick. And he was turned on like never before. That is how she was able to mind fuck him and take advantage of him financially.

This guy was ill mannered but he had money and madame Svea wanted a piece of it. So she lured him with her hot looks and thereafter, she went ahead to force him to lick her ass and to do whatever she wanted. He was shocked at what happened to him but he knew that the best way out of it was to pay her and that is what he did.

Mistress Medea knew that her boss had a thing for her so she turned that into an advantage as she mind fucked him. As she controlled him, she made him agree and believe that she needed a raise and he gave it to her that very day so that he did not reverse it later on. And she made sure there was paperwork involved so that her boss would not try to reverse it later on.

Lady Stefanie had a lot of questions that she needed answers to and it did not matter to her that she had broken up with her boyfriend. She wanted the answers and she made sure she got them by mind fucking him. Then she was able to ask him the questions and he told her all she needed to know as he did not control himself. She was glad there was no damaging information.

Lady Rockabella did not come from a fortunate family and she had to find a way to pay for her expensive tuition. And that is what pushed her to become one of the best in the business. She wanted to give her clients maximum satisfaction so that they spoiled her with lots of money and in doing so, she would not have a problem paying her tuition. And that is how it happened exactly.

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