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Goddess Lena was pissed that this guy had not paid back her debt. She felt that it was time to deal with him and she felt that the best way to do so was to use her smelly feet as well as her mind fuck findom. So she teased him, had him under her control and she made him pay her with the money she got to know he had hidden.

Mistress Dana wanted to mind fuck this guy and she was lost on what to do to him. She chose to use her sexy ass to do it as she was sure that the guy would fall for her hot ass. He did and the mistress had an easy time mind fucking him and then taking advantage of him financially. It was a lot of fun for her but not for him.

This mistress loves to mind fuck guys and to use that money to invest and today she wanted to start a business. She had everything she needed except the money to stock up her business. So she went back to her mind fuck findom and she used it to get what she wanted. She was able to start her business through the money she got from her mind fucking endeavors.

Mistress Ava required this guy to stop messing with her. He was her ex and she felt that they were over. But she remembered that before they were over, she had to get something from him. So she gave him a blowjob the way he liked it and she used it to mind fuck him and gain control over him then finally get what she wanted from him. She got it.

When this mistress needed to torture this guy, she did not bother using pain to do it. She used her big tits to do it and in no time, she had managed to control him. He was turned on and that was what made it easier for her to get the info from him. She had complete control over him and that worked wonders as she not only got what she wanted, but she also made him do some crazy stuff.

Princess Kitty did not like how this guy hid info from her. She was pissed about it and she had to dominate the guy for it. The mistress had to find a way to get the info that he was hiding and she did it by mind fucking him. He did not see it coming and she managed to get the info from him after she had mind fucked him successfully.

Mistress Van Licks had studied her boss and she knew his weaknesses. She wanted to exploit them to get a raise and so she set the plan in motion and she used her hot body and her naughtiness to get what she wanted. The mistress was able to control him as she played in the pool and the boss was able to do what the mistress wanted which was to give her a raise.

This mistress knew that the best way to dominate this slave financially was to use hypnosis. That is because she is able to control him and make him do whatever she wants once she has mind fucked him. The mistress enjoyed teasing him but as he enjoyed it, he slowly lost control to her as she hypnotized him and finally took total control over him. It was fun for her and she made money out of it.

Goddess Nika was out to get her money back from this guy. He had borrowed some money from her and she knew he had it but he did not want to give it back. He always had excuses why he could not and she was fed up with him. So she mind fucked him and she used that chance to get her money as she controlled him and used him as a human atm.

Goddess Nika did not have to touch this guy in order to successfully mind fuck him. All she had to do was to play with herself and touch herself and with her soft and sexy voice, she was able to mind fuck him and have all the control she needed over him. He was lucky she did not do anything with the power and control she had over the guy.

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