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Lady Cary felt that this guy needed to pay for messing up. That is why she chose to use her mind fuck findom to humiliate him and make sure that he learned his lesson the hard way. The mistress used her sexy charm to dominate him and by the time she was done with him, she had managed to control him and make him do things the way she wanted.

Mistress LexyNoir loves to make money from financial domination. It is fun and effortless for her. The mistress needed some good cash today and so she captivated her slave with her big tits and her gorgeous body. She was dressed in a see-through dress and enjoyed how she made the pay slave desire her and how she got him hooked on her and finally financially dominated him like she wanted.

Goddess Nika was pissed out of her freaking mind when this guy name called her. She did not like that as she had not done anything to him to warrant that kind of thing. So she had to punish him and she did it with her mind fuck findom. She did it to understand where he was coming from but also to leave a dent in his pocket as punishment.

Mistress Nyx wanted this guy to be under her influence and so she had to use any means necessary to get that control over him. So she used her mind fuck findom fetish to do it. It was easy to get control over him because she used her hot body to do it and when he saw it, he was turned on making it easier for her to execute her plan.

Goddess Nika likes to preach tolerance and she had been tolerant with this guy for a long time but he was not tolerant to other people and that pissed her off as he wanted to be tolerated but did not want to tolerate. She did not want those double standards and so she mind fucked him and financially dominated him as punishment for his double standards. She even made a video.

Goddess Nika was in need of money and good money at that. She knew it had to take something extraordinary for her to get it from pay slaves. So she made things hot and steamy for them by playing with herself as they watched and in no time, she had managed to mind fuck them and thereafter turn them into her pay bitches. That is how she got the money she needed.

Goddess Nika felt that her boyfriend was not being honest about some things and she knew it was important for her to get the info somehow. So she used mind fuck findom to do it. As she turned him on, it became easier for her to control and mind fuck him. And after she realized that he had lied to her, she financially dominated him as compensation for his lies.

Goddess Nika needed some money and she was offered some good money to dominate and mind fuck a guy. She agreed to it because she was good at mind fucking and it was good money. She did not have any issue mind fucking him and she accomplished her task to perfection and she went away whistling with the money she had made without breaking a sweat. She now knew how to make more.

Goddess Nika felt that she had to dominate this guy and she did it with her mind fuck findom. She has a hot and gorgeous which she exploited to get what she wanted. The mistress had the guy turned on as she teased him with her hot ass and in no time, she had managed to mind fuck him and control him. Then she made him do what she wanted.

This mistress was not really after this guy's money. All she wanted was to take care of her boredom. She was super bored and she did not have anything better to do. That is why she saw him as her way out of boredom. She teased him and then mind fucked him. Turning him into a money slave was just a consequence of what she had done to the guy.

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