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Goddess Nika could not believe that her slave was as lazy as she had come to find out he was. He did not even bother to hide it or even pretend to be hardworking. It got to a point she could not stand it and she had to punish him. This she did with mind fuck findom in mind. The mistress chose to mind fuck him and make him change but she also took advantage of that to make herself a little richer from his money.

Goddess Nika was pissed out of her freaking mind when this guy name called her. She did not like that as she had not done anything to him to warrant that kind of thing. So she had to punish him and she did it with her mind fuck findom. She did it to understand where he was coming from but also to leave a dent in his pocket as punishment.

Goddess Nika was out to get her money back from this guy. He had borrowed some money from her and she knew he had it but he did not want to give it back. He always had excuses why he could not and she was fed up with him. So she mind fucked him and she used that chance to get her money as she controlled him and used him as a human atm.

Goddess Nika did not have to touch this guy in order to successfully mind fuck him. All she had to do was to play with herself and touch herself and with her soft and sexy voice, she was able to mind fuck him and have all the control she needed over him. He was lucky she did not do anything with the power and control she had over the guy.

Goddess Nika wanted to mind fuck this guy as punishment. And since she wanted it to be something humiliating, she chose to make the guy do humiliating things to himself and she recorded him as he did it. Then she showed him later on and he could not believe that he had done that. The punishment worked and the guy never messed up again after that. He knew she had something to do with his humiliation.

Goddess Nika knew that it would profit her immensely to mind fuck this rich guy and that is why she did not bother thinking twice about it. She did it immediately and she loved the control it afforded her. The mistress enjoyed how she was able to control him and how she made money from him. It was one of the best decision she had ever made in her life.

Goddess Nika wanted to control her man and she knew she could easily do it using mind fuck findom. That is why she chose to use it. She had to make sure she was good at it that is why she trained as hard as she could to make sure she had all the right skills. And the mistress was able to get what she wanted which was to control her man.

This guy was too cagey for goddess Nika and she used her mind fuck femdom to deal with him. She did it so that she would be able to get answers from him and she was able to get them as she controlled him and was able to get him to do whatever she wanted. Through that, she was able to find out why he was being cagey with her.

Goddess Nika knows how powerful the mind is and she loves to always be in a position to control the mind of someone she has an interest in getting something from. She wanted to control this guy because he was a captain of industry and she was interested in venturing into that industry. She definitely did not want to start from the bottom and so she used her mind fuck findom, her naughtiness and her gorgeous body to get what she wanted.

Goddess Nika is a stunning girl and she knows it. Today she put those good looks to good use as she used them to mind fuck this guy. She realized that her beauty needed to be beneficial to her besides getting her laid. And so she exploited it to make sure that she got money from guys she mind fucked using her mind fuck findom. She was then able to turn them into cash cows. That is what she did to this loaded guy today.

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