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Lady Cary had an issue with this guy and she went ahead to mind fuck him. The mistress did not want to continue dealing with such a guy and that is why she had to do what she does best. The mistress enjoyed all that she did with the guy and she made sure that he learned never to piss her off. The guy was smart enough to know that.

When this mistress noticed that she was dealing with a guy who did not want to do things the right way, she knew that the best way to deal with him was to mind fuck him because it would give her control over him and she would use that control to dominate as well as humiliate him the way she wanted. And that is how exactly it came to be.

Goddess Nika could not believe that her slave was as lazy as she had come to find out he was. He did not even bother to hide it or even pretend to be hardworking. It got to a point she could not stand it and she had to punish him. This she did with mind fuck findom in mind. The mistress chose to mind fuck him and make him change but she also took advantage of that to make herself a little richer from his money.

Lady Cary wanted a job so badly that she was willing to do anything to get it. She had been on countless interviews and she had made a lot of applications but she did not get the response she wanted. So she got pissed and came up with a different way to do it. She used her mind fucking prowess to get the boss of the firm she wanted to work at to employ her.

Lady Shay knew that her ex had made it big and she had been instrumental in it. So she felt that she wanted her fair share. The mistress went ahead to find a way to mind fuck him so that she would get him to be amenable to what she wanted. That is how she got helped and she managed to get something out of it all without any confrontation.

This mistress knew that the best way to dominate this slave financially was to use hypnosis. That is because she is able to control him and make him do whatever she wants once she has mind fucked him. The mistress enjoyed teasing him but as he enjoyed it, he slowly lost control to her as she hypnotized him and finally took total control over him. It was fun for her and she made money out of it.

Goddess Nika wanted to control her man and she knew she could easily do it using mind fuck findom. That is why she chose to use it. She had to make sure she was good at it that is why she trained as hard as she could to make sure she had all the right skills. And the mistress was able to get what she wanted which was to control her man.

Goddess Nika knows how powerful the mind is and she loves to always be in a position to control the mind of someone she has an interest in getting something from. She wanted to control this guy because he was a captain of industry and she was interested in venturing into that industry. She definitely did not want to start from the bottom and so she used her mind fuck findom, her naughtiness and her gorgeous body to get what she wanted.

Goddess Nika is a stunning girl and she knows it. Today she put those good looks to good use as she used them to mind fuck this guy. She realized that her beauty needed to be beneficial to her besides getting her laid. And so she exploited it to make sure that she got money from guys she mind fucked using her mind fuck findom. She was then able to turn them into cash cows. That is what she did to this loaded guy today.

Princess Serena did not feel anything for her assistant but she mind fucked him anyway. She wanted to test her skills and she knew that her assistant was the best person to try them on before she used them on her intended targets. It worked out as fine as she wanted it and she realized that she had learned a lot and that her skills were topnotch. She was pretty pleased with herself.

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