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Mistress Dana needed some business secrets from her ex and she wanted to make sure he gave them to her without knowing he did. That is why the mistress chose to make the guy get horny and she did this with her hot ass. He loved it and could never say no to it. That is how she mind fucked him and she got all the info she wanted from him.

Mistress Dana wanted to mind fuck this guy and she was lost on what to do to him. She chose to use her sexy ass to do it as she was sure that the guy would fall for her hot ass. He did and the mistress had an easy time mind fucking him and then taking advantage of him financially. It was a lot of fun for her but not for him.

Mistress Dana knows how to get what she wants and today she used her hot ass for findom. It was not hard for her to do it as she knew that the guy had a thing for her hot ass and she baited him with it and had total control over him in no time. She then proceeded to turn him into her human credit card and she laughed all the way to the bank.

Mistress Dana wanted to try mind fucking so she chose to try it out on her ex instead of trying it out on a loser who would be a stranger as she did not have a slave. The mistress enjoyed teasing him and since she knew him well, she did not have a problem getting him turned on. So she turned on him and she got him to lick her ass and she teased then denied him when she felt it was enough.

Mistress Dana was interested in doing crazy things for herself and today she felt like she had to do something worthwhile. The mistress wanted something that would make her money so she chose mind fuck findom. With this, she brainwashed this loser and she had him bankroll her and shower her with lots of money. He was not in his senses and he was doing it all because she had clouded his judgment and was controlling him.

Mistress Dana knew that her neighbor had been paid and she knew it was some good money. So she used her mind fuck prowess to get her hands on his money. She had control over him and that made it easy for her to get the money from him to herself. He did not resist and in fact, he cooperated with her and told her other places where he kept his emergency money.

Mistress Dana felt that she needed to dominate her neighbor financially and that is what she went ahead to do. The mistress used her hot ass and fine figure to tease the guy and within no time, he was under her influence and she enjoyed turning him into her human atm. He loved all she did to him and did not even know she was financially dominating him. He found out his bank balance had taken a massive hit a few days later.

Mistress Dana wanted to make some good money so she mind fucked her pay slave and she did not bother counting it until she was in the house. She had made it a tradition not to count it while she was with him. She did it in the house and it was fun finding out how much she made from him. Given that she mind fucked him which she does not do often, she made more than usual.

Mistress Dana loves to make money from the comfort of her home. All she does is to chat guys who have some fair amount of money and then she creates rapport with them and then she finds a way to tease them and control them. That way, she makes them send her money and she does nothing physical with them and she does not have to leave the comfort of her house.

When you have a body as hot as mistress Dana has, there is nothing you cannot do. Mistress Dana chose to use her hot body to tease and to mind fuck and that is what she ended up doing. The mistress enjoyed mind fucking this guy and he was lucky she did not want anything from him except to watch how he reacted and to make him humiliate himself with her cum instructions.

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