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Mistress Harley wanted to mind fuck her friend's boyfriend because she had a thing for him and she expected that she would be able to control him and have a thing with him. She wanted something short so that she could get to experience and taste him then let him continue with his relationship with her friend. She had to mind fuck him because she did not want him to remember anything about it.

Mistress Harley found out that this guy was interested in her but she did not feel the same way. She felt that the best thing she could do to him was to make sure that she used him. So she teased him and flirted with him to disarm him. Soon enough, he was mind fucked and she had an easy access to his wallet and that is how she financially dominated him.

Mistress Harley loves to get her hands on people's secrets because they usually end up being valuable to her. And she knew that this guy was full of some juicy secrets which she had to get her hands on. So she used her mind fuck findom to get them. She teased him and controlled him as he got turned on. And that is how she managed to get valuable info and secrets.

Mistress Harley was interested in doing things differently. She felt that it was time for her to come up with an alternative way of doing things and so she used her big ass and her big tits to mind fuck this guy. After she had managed to make the guy get turned on and be under her control, she then turned him into her financial slave and she made good money.

Mistress Harley has a gorgeous ass and a gorgeous pair of tits. She used them today to tease this guy and to dominate him. She got the guy turned on and after he had been, she mind fucked him and she enjoyed how she got total control over him and she could get whatever answers she wanted from him. She also got him to give her some money for her troubles.

Mistress Harley was out to mind fuck this guy and she did it with her hot tits. She used the big tits to dominate the guy and in no time, she had control over him and she used the control she had to get the guy to shower her with money and to give her his secrets which was like an insurance policy for her in case he ever messed with her.

Big asses and big tits are a huge asset when it comes to financial domination and mind fucking. Given that mistress Harley was good with both, she used that chance to dominate this guy and enjoy having fun at his expense. The mistress played with her big jugs and wiggled her hot ass to turn this guy on. And once she had mind fucked him, she had a freehand to do whatever she wanted to his wallet.

Mistress Harley did not want to take expensive student loans. She knew that they could mess up her future when she was done with school and that is why she chose to make her money in a different way. She used mind fuck findom to tease and get guys to have fun with her but then she would then turn them into her financial slaves and get money from them that she used to pay her tuition.

Mistress Harley does not know how to beg and she does not like talking much so she did not want to start convincing this guy to do what she wanted him to do. So she turned to her hot body and her mind fuck findom which she used to turn him on and to control him. He did all the things that she wanted without her breaking a sweat, just like she had intended.

Mistress Harley wanted to mind fuck this guy and milk him dry and that is exactly what she did. She used her hot tits and her sexy ass to tease him. With her tattoos, she came across as a naughty girl and she had fun showing off how kinky she was and the guy did not stand a chance against her. That is how she managed to achieve her mission.

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