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Madame Svea is the kind of person who loves to dominate and especially for money. Today she did not have much to do other than to humiliate this guy financially and she did not disappoint. The mistress used her spankable ass to turn the guy on and after he was turned on, she mind fucked him and then financially dominated him. Then she laughed all the way to the bank.

Madame Svea had a great time teasing this guy and messing with his head. She was having a great time at his expense while he thought it was some weird kind of foreplay. But in the end, the mistress made him pay for her time even though he did not even get to touch her or do anything with her. He cursed meeting her but she did not care as she had what she wanted which was money.

Madame Svea likes to distract guys with her hot tits because she knows they are irresistible. She then goes ahead to make them admire her and want more knowing that as they do so, they are surrendering control to her and she in turn uses that to make sure she gets what she wanted from them. And that was what she was up to as she humiliated this guy for her own benefit.

Madame Svea had made a mistake at the office which was pretty serious. But she used mind fuck to correct it. She used her mind fucking prowess to make her boss look at it as a small thing that would be easily rectified and she had him rectify it for her. And then she financially dominated him after she had hypnotized him and she made sure he did not even know.

Madame Svea knew this slave was into her and she also knew that he had been paid so she used her hot body which was into to mind fuck him and get control of him. The control she had of him made him malleable to her and she got her hands on his money. She, however, left him some money to survive until his next paycheck. She did not want to milk him dry.

Madame Svea wanted to land a sale and make a huge commission out of it. She tried to see what her chances of landing the sale were and she found out they were not very high as she had stiff competition. So she chose to use her sexy charm and mind fuck findom to get the guy who had the ultimate authority to sign the deal sign it in her favor.

Madame Svea knew that she had to get her hands on the information this guy. But she was sure he would not give it to her willingly so she chose to use a different method to get it. The mistress chose to mind fuck the guy and she enjoyed it and he did too. But he did not notice how she was hypnotizing him and then got him to tell her all she needed to know.

Madame Svea wanted to use joi to mind fuck her slave. The mistress knew he had not had sex in a while and since she was hot and naughty, she would not have a hard time mind fucking him. She had a great time dominating him and she got him where she wanted him. When she accomplished her task, she gave him a reward which was her kinky jerk off instructions.

Madame Svea loves to chill with haters when she is bored. She gets to hear a lot of conspiracy theories from them and she gets to dominate and humiliate them as the case may be. Today she did not just humiliate this hater, but she also dominated him financially. It was a lot of fun for her to do so and she made money while also having fun. She wished she had known about mind fuck findom earlier.

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