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Mistress Ava required this guy to stop messing with her. He was her ex and she felt that they were over. But she remembered that before they were over, she had to get something from him. So she gave him a blowjob the way he liked it and she used it to mind fuck him and gain control over him then finally get what she wanted from him. She got it.

Princess Serena did not feel anything for her assistant but she mind fucked him anyway. She wanted to test her skills and she knew that her assistant was the best person to try them on before she used them on her intended targets. It worked out as fine as she wanted it and she realized that she had learned a lot and that her skills were topnotch. She was pretty pleased with herself.

This guy tried to hit on mistress Reell and he found her at a time she was bored. So she did not have anything better to do and she chose to mess with him for fun and out of boredom. She used her mind fuck findom to dominate him and to even make money out of him. He thought he was hitting on her but he was turned into a human atm.

Goddess Nika felt that it was time to dominate this guy and she wanted to use a way she had never done before. That is why she opted to use mind fuck findom but with a twist. She made mind fuck findom her pastime and she enjoyed how she was able to humiliate guys just for enjoyment and without needing to do anything further to them. She would even record so that she could watch how it went down later on.

Goddess Mel had never used a cigarette to torture but she wanted to use it on this guy so she went ahead to do it. The guy did not see it coming and he was shocked at what the mistress did to him. The guy was in pain as he was used as a human ashtray and he was choked with smoke on top of that. As if that was not enough, he was trampled using heels.

Lady Zora had loaned this guy some money and she wanted it back. But the guy did not want to pay back and he had a habit of not paying back. The mistress was infuriated and she used her mind fuck findom to not only get back her money, but she also used it to also get a chance to dominate him in other different ways that he did not know about.

Mistress Dana felt that she needed to dominate her neighbor financially and that is what she went ahead to do. The mistress used her hot ass and fine figure to tease the guy and within no time, he was under her influence and she enjoyed turning him into her human atm. He loved all she did to him and did not even know she was financially dominating him. He found out his bank balance had taken a massive hit a few days later.

Lady Anja had not had fun at the expense of her slave for a long time and she missed it. She had punished him effectively and he rarely made mistakes so she did not have a lot to work with. So the mistress chose to tease him because that was not a punishment per se. So she mind fucked him and she teased and denied him. She wanted to dominate him financially but she decided against it at the last minute.

Mistress Harley has a great ass and she can do just about anything she wants with it. Today she wanted to use her ass and combine it with her big boobs to mind fuck this guy. She was paid to mind fuck him and corrupt his mind so that he forgot what her client wanted him to forget. She did not want anything other than being paid handsomely and after she was, she got the job done.

Lady Anja knows that she has a gorgeous behind and she loves to use it to either entertain herself or to gain something. Today she wanted something and it was money. So her teasing and her mind fuck was geared towards findom. She turned on the guy and she financially fucked him. She laughed all the way to the bank and the guy had no idea what she had done.

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