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Mistress Dana needed some business secrets from her ex and she wanted to make sure he gave them to her without knowing he did. That is why the mistress chose to make the guy get horny and she did this with her hot ass. He loved it and could never say no to it. That is how she mind fucked him and she got all the info she wanted from him.

Lady Cary felt that this guy needed to pay for messing up. That is why she chose to use her mind fuck findom to humiliate him and make sure that he learned his lesson the hard way. The mistress used her sexy charm to dominate him and by the time she was done with him, she had managed to control him and make him do things the way she wanted.

When this mistress noticed that she was dealing with a guy who did not want to do things the right way, she knew that the best way to deal with him was to mind fuck him because it would give her control over him and she would use that control to dominate as well as humiliate him the way she wanted. And that is how exactly it came to be.

Mistress Nyx needed answers and she did not rest until she got what she wanted. The mistress made sure that she controlled this guy and she forced him to do what she wanted as well as to give her the answers that she sought. The mistress found it easy to get what she wanted because she was able to mind fuck him and gain control over him in the process.

Mistress Lisa has many admirers. But this one was more than the others and he tried his best to fuck her. He tried to hit on her and then lure her to have sex with her but she could see right through him. She knew he had a crush on her but she did not want to sleep with him even though she was flattered by his interest in her. So she teased and denied him.

Princess Kitty did not like how this guy hid info from her. She was pissed about it and she had to dominate the guy for it. The mistress had to find a way to get the info that he was hiding and she did it by mind fucking him. He did not see it coming and she managed to get the info from him after she had mind fucked him successfully.

Lady Shay knew that her ex had made it big and she had been instrumental in it. So she felt that she wanted her fair share. The mistress went ahead to find a way to mind fuck him so that she would get him to be amenable to what she wanted. That is how she got helped and she managed to get something out of it all without any confrontation.

Mistress Van Licks had studied her boss and she knew his weaknesses. She wanted to exploit them to get a raise and so she set the plan in motion and she used her hot body and her naughtiness to get what she wanted. The mistress was able to control him as she played in the pool and the boss was able to do what the mistress wanted which was to give her a raise.

Lady Aische is used to a fun filled life. But today she did not have any of that and instead, she had to settle for something different. To avoid boredom, the mistress chose to use her mind fucking femdom to get this guy to fall for her and then left him high and dry. She showed him her big tits as well as her hot ass and he loved what he saw and that is how he took the bait.

Mistress LexyNoir loves to make money from financial domination. It is fun and effortless for her. The mistress needed some good cash today and so she captivated her slave with her big tits and her gorgeous body. She was dressed in a see-through dress and enjoyed how she made the pay slave desire her and how she got him hooked on her and finally financially dominated him like she wanted.

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