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This mistress loves to mind fuck guys and to use that money to invest and today she wanted to start a business. She had everything she needed except the money to stock up her business. So she went back to her mind fuck findom and she used it to get what she wanted. She was able to start her business through the money she got from her mind fucking endeavors.

Goddess Nika knew that it would profit her immensely to mind fuck this rich guy and that is why she did not bother thinking twice about it. She did it immediately and she loved the control it afforded her. The mistress enjoyed how she was able to control him and how she made money from him. It was one of the best decision she had ever made in her life.

Mistress Nyx wanted this guy to be under her influence and so she had to use any means necessary to get that control over him. So she used her mind fuck findom fetish to do it. It was easy to get control over him because she used her hot body to do it and when he saw it, he was turned on making it easier for her to execute her plan.

Goddess Nika likes to preach tolerance and she had been tolerant with this guy for a long time but he was not tolerant to other people and that pissed her off as he wanted to be tolerated but did not want to tolerate. She did not want those double standards and so she mind fucked him and financially dominated him as punishment for his double standards. She even made a video.

Goddess Nika felt that her boyfriend was not being honest about some things and she knew it was important for her to get the info somehow. So she used mind fuck findom to do it. As she turned him on, it became easier for her to control and mind fuck him. And after she realized that he had lied to her, she financially dominated him as compensation for his lies.

Goddess Nika did not like how this slave procrastinated and she felt that it was time for him to learn to stop his procrastination. So she made it an expensive affair for him to procrastinate because she would then mind fuck him and take advantage of him financially. The mistress did it a few times and he learned to associate procrastination with being broke or losing money and that is how he stopped.

Goddess Nika needed some money and she was offered some good money to dominate and mind fuck a guy. She agreed to it because she was good at mind fucking and it was good money. She did not have any issue mind fucking him and she accomplished her task to perfection and she went away whistling with the money she had made without breaking a sweat. She now knew how to make more.

Goddess Nika was not going to let the vacation she had been planning to have get away from her so she did what she does best and she used her hot body as the gateway for it. The mistress teased this guy and she had him mind fucked. And it was after she had mind fucked him that she turned him into a human credit card and had fun making money off of him and that is how she paid for her vacation.

Lady Stefanie wanted to mind fuck this guy and she did it nicely. The mistress was wearing her lingerie and she looked amazing and inviting. But that was not all as she also had a dildo which she stroked as she told the guy the things she wanted to do to his dick. And he was turned on like never before. That is how she was able to mind fuck him and take advantage of him financially.

Mistress Gaia is so smooth with her mind fuck findom that her slave did not know what his her as the mistress turned him into a human atm. The mistress had used her hot body to distract him while she hypnotized and took control over him. When she was done, she had left a huge hole in his pocket and that is what shocked him as he knew he was not the one who had spent that money.

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