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To get this guy mind fucked, goddess Yasemin went ahead to tease the guy. The mistress made him watch as she put on a show and showed off her hot ass and her nice tits. He was turned on seeing her do her thing and in no time, he was under her control as she mind fucked him and had him do what she wanted and how she wanted it done.

Mistress Xenia wanted to make some good money so that she could get some money to buy some designer shoes. She knew they were expensive and she had to use her pay slave as her human atm to buy the shoes. After she had teased him and gotten him turned on and mind fucked him, she got the money she needed for the shoes. Her pay slave did not even know how she had used him.

Mistress Gaia was bored and she wanted to have some excitement in her life. She did not want to stay all bored in the house when she knew she could have fun at the expense of this loser. She went ahead and used the loser as her prop for having fun. She mind fucked him by teasing him with her naughty moves and the guy became a robot and did what she asked him to do.

Lady Anja had used money from her money slaves to buy a new car. And to show her appreciation, she provided them with a live feed to how she twerked and she teased on the hood of her new car. She made it extra saucy for them to show appreciation for what they had done. But she made sure they did not know they were watching many of them. Each one of them thought it was only him.

Princess Serena wanted to make some money from this loser and she felt that mind fucking him was the best way to go about it. The mistress did not mind showing off her hot body to get him turned on and make it easy for her to mind fuck him. After she had mind fucked him, she got started on her financial domination and she got some good money out of it.

This mistress came across mind fuck findom and she loved it. She did not know anything about it but she knew she had found what she wanted to do. She watched all those videos and she tried her best to copy some moves and to even come up with some of them. The mistress had a great time trying out the moves. She wanted to be good at it before she tried it on a loser.

This mistress was bored and she wanted to fuck up someone for fun. So she chose to mind fuck this guy for the sheer fun of it. She did not want anything from him and she did not want to make him feel pain. She just wanted to mind fuck him and she did it by turning on her sexy looks for him. He could not resist whatever she did to him.

This mistress is mysterious and she loves it that way. She wanted to have a great time with this loser so she forced him to do things her way. But it was not like she threatened him or anything. She just teased him and with her sexy looks and naughty ways, he stood no chance and it was akin to forcing him to do something. She had a great time at his expense.

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