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When lady Stefanie realized that she was dealing with a guy who was clueless, she knew that it was time for her to dominate him and humiliate him like never before. The mistress used her mind fuck fetish to send a message to the clueless guy and not only humiliate him, but at the same time make some good money from him. It worked the way she wanted it to.

Lady Stefanie had a debt which was disturbing her. She had not managed to clear it with her salary and she felt that she had to get a side hustle for her to finish it off quickly. She wanted something easy to do but which gave her maximum returns. That is why she chose to use mind fuck findom to entertain well off guys and to make money off of them.

Lady Stefanie wanted to mind fuck this guy and she did it nicely. The mistress was wearing her lingerie and she looked amazing and inviting. But that was not all as she also had a dildo which she stroked as she told the guy the things she wanted to do to his dick. And he was turned on like never before. That is how she was able to mind fuck him and take advantage of him financially.

Lady Stefanie felt that the best way to deal with this guy was to lure him with her hot ass. And that is what she did so as to confuse him about her real intentions. She then went ahead to crush him with the same ass and then make him pay for it all. She told him her time was precious and he had to pay for it which he did.

Lady Stefanie had a lot of questions that she needed answers to and it did not matter to her that she had broken up with her boyfriend. She wanted the answers and she made sure she got them by mind fucking him. Then she was able to ask him the questions and he told her all she needed to know as he did not control himself. She was glad there was no damaging information.

Lady Stefanie wanted to make some money for herself and so she used her mind fucking prowess to gain control over this guy. The mistress had an easy time doing it given that she has a hot body and she showed off her tits and later on a strapon. The guy was powerless against her and she was able to mind fuck him after which she used that control to make money from him.

Lady Stefanie wanted a favor from this guy but she knew he was the kind of guy who did not like helping people. And so she used her mind fuck findom to help him to make him change. The mistress was in her nightdress which made her come across as sexier and even inviting. And it accelerated his mind fuck findom and he ended up doing what she wanted him to do.

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