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When lady Stefanie realized that she was dealing with a guy who was clueless, she knew that it was time for her to dominate him and humiliate him like never before. The mistress used her mind fuck fetish to send a message to the clueless guy and not only humiliate him, but at the same time make some good money from him. It worked the way she wanted it to.

Goddess Nika wanted to mind fuck this guy as punishment. And since she wanted it to be something humiliating, she chose to make the guy do humiliating things to himself and she recorded him as he did it. Then she showed him later on and he could not believe that he had done that. The punishment worked and the guy never messed up again after that. He knew she had something to do with his humiliation.

Mistress Gaia had a rich student and he did not seem to be very good at his classwork. And so she saw an opening to make money from him. She used her naughtiness and her sexy looks to tease him as well as to ask him to remain behind for remedial classes. And then she mind fucked him and made money from him without him knowing what she was doing.

Mistress Madison wanted to make money from paypigs and she felt that she needed to learn about mind fuck findom. So she went ahead and she tried mind fuck findom. She watched all she could watch about it and she recorded herself as she tried it. It was fun for her and she had a great time increasing her technique and skill. In no time, she was so good at it that her entry into findom was smooth.

Mistress Gabriela is a hot looking girl. She is a bit lazy and likes to use other people to get her stuff done. She had a huge task pending and she wanted her co-worker to do it for her. So she teased him with her sexy breasts and she mind fucked him so well that he agreed to do it for her. He expected rewards but she gave him jerk off instructions.

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