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Lady Cary had an issue with this guy and she went ahead to mind fuck him. The mistress did not want to continue dealing with such a guy and that is why she had to do what she does best. The mistress enjoyed all that she did with the guy and she made sure that he learned never to piss her off. The guy was smart enough to know that.

Lady Cary felt that this guy needed to pay for messing up. That is why she chose to use her mind fuck findom to humiliate him and make sure that he learned his lesson the hard way. The mistress used her sexy charm to dominate him and by the time she was done with him, she had managed to control him and make him do things the way she wanted.

Lady Cary wanted a job so badly that she was willing to do anything to get it. She had been on countless interviews and she had made a lot of applications but she did not get the response she wanted. So she got pissed and came up with a different way to do it. She used her mind fucking prowess to get the boss of the firm she wanted to work at to employ her.

Lady Cary was not doing well financially but she was not going to beg anyone for anything. Instead, she chose to use her talents and one of them was mind fuck findom. So she used her mind fuck fetish to turn this guy into a money slave and she was able to get enough money to settle her rent. And she used the same technique on someone else to get money for other expenses.

Lady Cary felt that she needed to make money in a different way so that she would stop being dependent on one income. That is how the mistress got this guy to bankroll her after she had mind fucked him. She loved how she was able to pull it off effortlessly and in no time, she had managed to make some good money from him. She loved it and had a lot of fun.

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