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Goddess Lena was pissed that this guy had not paid back her debt. She felt that it was time to deal with him and she felt that the best way to do so was to use her smelly feet as well as her mind fuck findom. So she teased him, had him under her control and she made him pay her with the money she got to know he had hidden.

Goddess Lena found out that this guy was loaded as she partied with him. She had no issue with him but she was pissed when she learned that he was very rude, arrogant and full of himself. So she took advantage of him to mind fuck him. He wanted her hot ass and it is what she used to lure him and clean his wallet after she had mind fucked him.

Goddess Lena and her friend were broke but they knew that they had to get money to use during the Christmas holidays. Being one of the most expensive holidays, they had to find a way to do it and they did so using their mind fuck findom. The mistresses turned this guy into a human atm and they got the money that they needed for their holiday season from him.

Goddess Lena loves to change her wardrobe yearly. She loves to keep with the trends and she only wears designer clothes and shoes. Time had come for her to change her wardrobe and she did it by mind fucking her boss and then turning him into her human atm. He paid for her wardrobe change and he thought he was rewarding her for a job well done but in reality she had mind fucked him.

Goddess Lena is good at what she does that she can dominate someone without them knowing what she is up to. She did not want anything from this guy. She was only interested in trying out a few things that she was interested about. So she teased him while smoking her cigarette in a sexy manner and also stroking a dildo she held. She mind fucked him and he did not see it coming.

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