Mindfuck Findom

Cruel findoms fucking your mind

Goddess Nika felt that it was time to dominate this guy and she wanted to use a way she had never done before. That is why she opted to use mind fuck findom but with a twist. She made mind fuck findom her pastime and she enjoyed how she was able to humiliate guys just for enjoyment and without needing to do anything further to them. She would even record so that she could watch how it went down later on.

Goddess Nika had set out to have fun at the expense of this guy by mind fucking and then taking control of him. It went better than she had expected it to and as a result she had more fun than she had anticipated. She had had so much fun that she felt obligated to pay the guy for the fun she had had. The guy was surprised when she did that.

Goddess Nika did not want anything from this guy she mind fucked. All she wanted was to have fun at the expense of the guy without wanting anything else from him. While others want money, secrets or other information from those they mind fuck, all the mistress wanted was to have fun and she managed to have it by the end of the day. She let the guy go after she had had enough.

Goddess Nika felt that she was successful enough in the mind fuck findom world that she had to try and come up with a way to mentor and teach the younger generation on how to do it and do it well. So she started making mind fuck tutorials which she would gift to whoever she felt was deserving of it. She made more so that she did not have to keep giving out the same tutorial.

Goddess Nika was in need of money and good money at that. She knew it had to take something extraordinary for her to get it from pay slaves. So she made things hot and steamy for them by playing with herself as they watched and in no time, she had managed to mind fuck them and thereafter turn them into her pay bitches. That is how she got the money she needed.

Goddess Nika felt that her boyfriend was not being honest about some things and she knew it was important for her to get the info somehow. So she used mind fuck findom to do it. As she turned him on, it became easier for her to control and mind fuck him. And after she realized that he had lied to her, she financially dominated him as compensation for his lies.

Goddess Nika did not like how this slave procrastinated and she felt that it was time for him to learn to stop his procrastination. So she made it an expensive affair for him to procrastinate because she would then mind fuck him and take advantage of him financially. The mistress did it a few times and he learned to associate procrastination with being broke or losing money and that is how he stopped.

Goddess Nika knew that her man would not suspect most of the things she wanted to do and so he was the perfect person to learn mind fuck findom on. So she teased him a little and in the process, she mind fucked him. She did it successfully and each time she tried a different technique until she was confident of her abilities to mind fuck virtually anyone she wanted.

Goddess Nika needed some money and she was offered some good money to dominate and mind fuck a guy. She agreed to it because she was good at mind fucking and it was good money. She did not have any issue mind fucking him and she accomplished her task to perfection and she went away whistling with the money she had made without breaking a sweat. She now knew how to make more.

Mistress Harley found out that this guy was interested in her but she did not feel the same way. She felt that the best thing she could do to him was to make sure that she used him. So she teased him and flirted with him to disarm him. Soon enough, he was mind fucked and she had an easy access to his wallet and that is how she financially dominated him.

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