Mindfuck Findom

Cruel findoms fucking your mind

Mistress Xenia wanted to learn the art of mind fucking because she knows it is crucial in what she wants to do. She is a control freak and she knows it will come in handy when she encounters assholes who do not want to play along. And also when she wants to get information as well as money. So she learned all she could about it so that she could be one of the best in the game.

Lady Anja had used money from her money slaves to buy a new car. And to show her appreciation, she provided them with a live feed to how she twerked and she teased on the hood of her new car. She made it extra saucy for them to show appreciation for what they had done. But she made sure they did not know they were watching many of them. Each one of them thought it was only him.

When this mistress is bored, she can do anything that comes to her mind. Today she felt like curing her boredom by mind fucking this loser and she did not think twice about it. She chose to make him do extreme stuff and all this because she controlled him after she had mind fucked him. He was at her mercy and she did with him as she saw it fit.

When you have a body as hot as mistress Dana has, there is nothing you cannot do. Mistress Dana chose to use her hot body to tease and to mind fuck and that is what she ended up doing. The mistress enjoyed mind fucking this guy and he was lucky she did not want anything from him except to watch how he reacted and to make him humiliate himself with her cum instructions.

Lady Bunt was tired of this loser messing up with her. The mistress was pissed that he kept following her, calling her and being a nuisance because he wanted her back. The mistress chose to use mind fuck findom to torture him. She knew how much he loved his money so she used that fetish to make money from him. She then flaunted it and wasted it and he hated her for it. That way, he stopped bothering her.

This mistress wanted to try mind fuck findom. She was not adventurous and it took a lot of guts for him to try it. The mistress used her hot ass, sexy lips and other naughty skills to do it. It took a lot of practice for her to do it well. The mistress then summoned her strength and courage to do it and she did it so well that she did not believe she was the one who had done it.

Lady Despina is a paranoid mistress. She always wanted to be on top of things and that is why she goes to great lengths to make sure she has all the information she wants. Today she used mind fuck findom to get the information that she wanted. The mistress teased this guy to disarm him and once he was disarmed, he was turned on and she gained control over his mind and got her hands on the info.

Mistress Harley has a great ass and she can do just about anything she wants with it. Today she wanted to use her ass and combine it with her big boobs to mind fuck this guy. She was paid to mind fuck him and corrupt his mind so that he forgot what her client wanted him to forget. She did not want anything other than being paid handsomely and after she was, she got the job done.

Mistress Amy did not need any reason to mind fuck this loser. She did it because she could and she told herself that she did not need any reason to do it. The mistress went ahead and teased him and got control of him. She loved how it all went down and how easy it was for her to gain control over him and use him for her own entertainment.

Lady Anja knows that she has a gorgeous behind and she loves to use it to either entertain herself or to gain something. Today she wanted something and it was money. So her teasing and her mind fuck was geared towards findom. She turned on the guy and she financially fucked him. She laughed all the way to the bank and the guy had no idea what she had done.

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