Mindfuck Findom

Cruel findoms fucking your mind

Mistress Harley wanted to mind fuck her friend's boyfriend because she had a thing for him and she expected that she would be able to control him and have a thing with him. She wanted something short so that she could get to experience and taste him then let him continue with his relationship with her friend. She had to mind fuck him because she did not want him to remember anything about it.

Goddess Nika knows how powerful the mind is and she loves to always be in a position to control the mind of someone she has an interest in getting something from. She wanted to control this guy because he was a captain of industry and she was interested in venturing into that industry. She definitely did not want to start from the bottom and so she used her mind fuck findom, her naughtiness and her gorgeous body to get what she wanted.

Lady Stefanie had a debt which was disturbing her. She had not managed to clear it with her salary and she felt that she had to get a side hustle for her to finish it off quickly. She wanted something easy to do but which gave her maximum returns. That is why she chose to use mind fuck findom to entertain well off guys and to make money off of them.

Goddess Nika is a stunning girl and she knows it. Today she put those good looks to good use as she used them to mind fuck this guy. She realized that her beauty needed to be beneficial to her besides getting her laid. And so she exploited it to make sure that she got money from guys she mind fucked using her mind fuck findom. She was then able to turn them into cash cows. That is what she did to this loaded guy today.

Princess Serena did not feel anything for her assistant but she mind fucked him anyway. She wanted to test her skills and she knew that her assistant was the best person to try them on before she used them on her intended targets. It worked out as fine as she wanted it and she realized that she had learned a lot and that her skills were topnotch. She was pretty pleased with herself.

Lady Cary was not doing well financially but she was not going to beg anyone for anything. Instead, she chose to use her talents and one of them was mind fuck findom. So she used her mind fuck fetish to turn this guy into a money slave and she was able to get enough money to settle her rent. And she used the same technique on someone else to get money for other expenses.

This guy tried to hit on mistress Reell and he found her at a time she was bored. So she did not have anything better to do and she chose to mess with him for fun and out of boredom. She used her mind fuck findom to dominate him and to even make money out of him. He thought he was hitting on her but he was turned into a human atm.

Lady Krasaviza wanted her immediate supervisor to be in her column and that is why she used her mind fuck findom to dominate him and get control over him. After she used her charm on him, he was like putty in her hands and he could not do anything about it. He lost all control to her and she was able to execute her agenda and have him in her corner.

Mistress Nyx wanted this guy to be under her influence and so she had to use any means necessary to get that control over him. So she used her mind fuck findom fetish to do it. It was easy to get control over him because she used her hot body to do it and when he saw it, he was turned on making it easier for her to execute her plan.

Goddess Nika likes to preach tolerance and she had been tolerant with this guy for a long time but he was not tolerant to other people and that pissed her off as he wanted to be tolerated but did not want to tolerate. She did not want those double standards and so she mind fucked him and financially dominated him as punishment for his double standards. She even made a video.

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