Mindfuck Findom

Cruel findoms fucking your mind

This mistress was not really after this guy's money. All she wanted was to take care of her boredom. She was super bored and she did not have anything better to do. That is why she saw him as her way out of boredom. She teased him and then mind fucked him. Turning him into a money slave was just a consequence of what she had done to the guy.

Lady Demona was out to make some money and so she used mind fucking to get this guy under her total control. She was able to get the info she wanted from him but then again she got more than she had wanted as she got the guy to give him money as well. He paid for her time and what she had done to him and it was a double benefit for her.

Mistress Gaia is so smooth with her mind fuck findom that her slave did not know what his her as the mistress turned him into a human atm. The mistress had used her hot body to distract him while she hypnotized and took control over him. When she was done, she had left a huge hole in his pocket and that is what shocked him as he knew he was not the one who had spent that money.

Goddess Lena and her friend were broke but they knew that they had to get money to use during the Christmas holidays. Being one of the most expensive holidays, they had to find a way to do it and they did so using their mind fuck findom. The mistresses turned this guy into a human atm and they got the money that they needed for their holiday season from him.

Mistress Harley has a gorgeous ass and a gorgeous pair of tits. She used them today to tease this guy and to dominate him. She got the guy turned on and after he had been, she mind fucked him and she enjoyed how she got total control over him and she could get whatever answers she wanted from him. She also got him to give her some money for her troubles.

This guy was into hot and sexy asses. Goddess Nika has one of the best ones out there and that is why she used it as bait to lure this guy for mind fucking. She was able to mind fuck him and control him in the process. She then used that control to financially dominate him and she laughed all the way to the bank as a result of it.

Lady Rockabella had to use her hot body for findom. She did not want it to just be an object for guys to admire and others to look forward to smashing. She had to get some real benefit out of it and that is what drew her to mind fuck findom. So she used it as bait to mind fuck this guy and she turned him into a pay slave.

This guy was ill mannered but he had money and madame Svea wanted a piece of it. So she lured him with her hot looks and thereafter, she went ahead to force him to lick her ass and to do whatever she wanted. He was shocked at what happened to him but he knew that the best way out of it was to pay her and that is what he did.

Lady Stefanie felt that the best way to deal with this guy was to lure him with her hot ass. And that is what she did so as to confuse him about her real intentions. She then went ahead to crush him with the same ass and then make him pay for it all. She told him her time was precious and he had to pay for it which he did.

Goddess Mel had never used a cigarette to torture but she wanted to use it on this guy so she went ahead to do it. The guy did not see it coming and he was shocked at what the mistress did to him. The guy was in pain as he was used as a human ashtray and he was choked with smoke on top of that. As if that was not enough, he was trampled using heels.

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