Mindfuck Findom

Cruel findoms fucking your mind

Mistress Harley wanted to mind fuck this guy and milk him dry and that is exactly what she did. She used her hot tits and her sexy ass to tease him. With her tattoos, she came across as a naughty girl and she had fun showing off how kinky she was and the guy did not stand a chance against her. That is how she managed to achieve her mission.

Lady Zora wanted to get this lucrative contract and she knew the competition was very stiff. So she used her hot body to mind fuck the guy in charge so that she got it ahead of the competition. It was a great deal for her as she did not have to fuck the guy but to fuck his mind and hypnotize him. He would then think he had fun with her and give her the contract.

Lady Anja has a super flexible body and she did not waste time using it to mind fuck. She wanted to use this guy and she knew she would only do so if she managed to mind fuck him. As she whined her waist, she turned on the guy and he was like putty in her hands. She then financially dominated him and got what she had wanted from him.

Mistress Xenia wanted to make some good money so that she could get some money to buy some designer shoes. She knew they were expensive and she had to use her pay slave as her human atm to buy the shoes. After she had teased him and gotten him turned on and mind fucked him, she got the money she needed for the shoes. Her pay slave did not even know how she had used him.

Goddess Nika knew that competition for the job she wanted was very tough and she had to find a way to beat all the other applicants. When she saw the boss, she knew she had a way out. He looked like a guy who liked to seduce employees. So she teased him and when he took the bait, she mind fucked him and that is how she got the job.

Goddess Yasemin has a big pair of titties on her chest. Her melons are round and firm and big. They are a sight for sore eyes and she knows how to take advantage of them to mind fuck guys. After her mind fuck, she then takes charge of their finances and turns them to be her human atms. That is what she did to this loaded executive and she got her hands on his cash.

Mistress Dana wanted to make some good money so she mind fucked her pay slave and she did not bother counting it until she was in the house. She had made it a tradition not to count it while she was with him. She did it in the house and it was fun finding out how much she made from him. Given that she mind fucked him which she does not do often, she made more than usual.

Mistress Emily found out that her competitor was innovative and she wanted to find out how he did it. She did not ask him directly but rather she used her hot ass to get him turned on. She then mind fucked him as he could not resist her big tits, her gorgeous ass and her naughtiness and kinkiness. He was like putty in her hands and she got all the info she wanted from him.

Mistress Gabriela wanted to find out the truth from her employee. So she teased him and she also offered him some good money in order to get the truth and the combination worked wonders as he was mind fucked and he told her all she wanted to know and then some more that she did not even know about or even suspected. He, however, did not get to touch her and he did not get her money.

Lady Demona wanted to graduate so that she could get a better job and stop doing the sorts of jobs she had. She needed more money for her degree than her job could give her. So lady Demona turned to mind fuck findom and she used her gorgeous body with big boobs and a fine ass to turn gullible guys into her paypigs who then paid her tuition for her.

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