Mindfuck Findom

Cruel findoms fucking your mind

Lady Anja had a crush on this guy and she did not just want to be a crush. She wanted to change the narrative and get him to do something with her. She wanted them to have fun and to fuck. So the mistress went ahead and she teased him and mind fucked him. He was like putty on her hands and she toyed with him and did what she wanted with him.

Lady Demona wanted to pass some time as she had a lot of time on her hands. She did not want to go outside of her house but within the house, she had done most things and there was nothing left to do. There was nothing interesting on TV either and so she used that time to try mind fuck findom on her slave even though she knew he had no money.

This guy had pissed mistress Emily off and she knew she had to revenge. The mistress did not want to piss him off as well as she knew it would not be of any help to her. She wanted something that would help her and so she mind fucked him and then took advantage of him financially. Now that was some proper revenge and one that left a dent in his pocket.

Mistress Dana was interested in doing crazy things for herself and today she felt like she had to do something worthwhile. The mistress wanted something that would make her money so she chose mind fuck findom. With this, she brainwashed this loser and she had him bankroll her and shower her with lots of money. He was not in his senses and he was doing it all because she had clouded his judgment and was controlling him.

Lady Anja had lost her job and she suddenly remembered that she had mind fucking powers and she also had a hot and sexy body. In fact, she was loved by guys and they were hitting on her all the time. So she took advantage of that to make guys do the things that she wanted done. Most of these were financial for her like giving her money and doing shopping for her.

Mistress Harley does not know how to beg and she does not like talking much so she did not want to start convincing this guy to do what she wanted him to do. So she turned to her hot body and her mind fuck findom which she used to turn him on and to control him. He did all the things that she wanted without her breaking a sweat, just like she had intended.

Mistress Emily used mind fuck to get her colleague under her control. She wanted to control him so that she was able to make him do things for her and when she needed it, fund some of her fun escapades. She mind fucked him today and she financially dominated him after she had teased him with her hot body and she had gotten him to want to have her so badly but he could not. Instead, she had him jerk off.

Mistress Gaia wanted to pull off a successful mind fuck but she could not. She had tried a few times without much success. But she did not despair. Instead, she used her perfected her mind fuck findom skills, and today she gave it another go. She pulled it off with such ease that she wondered whether she had really pulled it off. And she took out her camera and she recorded herself as she basked in the glory of her successful mind fuck.

Mistress Dana knew that her neighbor had been paid and she knew it was some good money. So she used her mind fuck prowess to get her hands on his money. She had control over him and that made it easy for her to get the money from him to herself. He did not resist and in fact, he cooperated with her and told her other places where he kept his emergency money.

Lady Demona knew that rent was one of the substantial amounts of money she had to pay and so she found a way to make sure her landlord did not ask her for money. She teased him and she controlled him using her mind fuck findom. She then went ahead to do it every other time rent was due and by doing so, she did not have to pay rent every month.

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