Mindfuck Findom

Cruel findoms fucking your mind

Lady Demona was out to degrade this guy and she wanted to do it in a way that she had never done it before. The mistress felt that the best way to do it was to use her mind fuck findom to humiliate as well as to degrade him. She used her dildo and pretended to be doing some naughty things but in no time, she had mind fucked him and controlled him.

Mistress Emily wanted to humiliate her slave but she did not want to do it the obvious way. She felt that she had to do it in a way he did not expect. And that is why she chose to mind fuck him. To do it, she used her sexy charm and in no time, she had complete control over him which she used to humiliate him like she wanted.

Mistress Harley was out to mind fuck this guy and she did it with her hot tits. She used the big tits to dominate the guy and in no time, she had control over him and she used the control she had to get the guy to shower her with money and to give her his secrets which was like an insurance policy for her in case he ever messed with her.

Goddess Nika felt that her boyfriend had secrets and she did not want there to be secrets between them. Since she had asked him and he told her there were none, she had to come up with a way to get the secrets or at least confirm that there were none. So she used her hot ass to mind fuck him and she was able to control him and get into his head and know about the secrets he was hiding.

Mistress Dana knows how to get what she wants and today she used her hot ass for findom. It was not hard for her to do it as she knew that the guy had a thing for her hot ass and she baited him with it and had total control over him in no time. She then proceeded to turn him into her human credit card and she laughed all the way to the bank.

Goddess Katrina had done her homework and found out that this guy had a weakness for sexy thighs and legs and she had those in plenty. So she used them to her advantage and she had the guy both turned on and mind fucked. And she used that to make the guy do the things she wanted him to do for her which she was sure he would not do had he not been mind fucked.

Mistress Jenny was bored and since she did not have much to do, she felt that it was a great way to spend her time if she mind fucked this guy and dominated him for fun. The mistress did not want anything from him and all she was doing was having fun at his expense. She did not really care what the guy felt as she did not do anything bad to him.

Mistress Medea knew that her boss had a thing for her so she turned that into an advantage as she mind fucked him. As she controlled him, she made him agree and believe that she needed a raise and he gave it to her that very day so that he did not reverse it later on. And she made sure there was paperwork involved so that her boss would not try to reverse it later on.

Lady Stefanie had a lot of questions that she needed answers to and it did not matter to her that she had broken up with her boyfriend. She wanted the answers and she made sure she got them by mind fucking him. Then she was able to ask him the questions and he told her all she needed to know as he did not control himself. She was glad there was no damaging information.

This mistress knew that this slave knew a lot of things by virtue of where he worked. He worked for this rich guy who she wanted to dominate. But first she had to infiltrate her house and she did it by teasing this employee after work and she hypnotized him and mind fucked him before she interrogated him until she got what she wanted from him which was all that he knew about her area of interest.

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