Mindfuck Findom

Cruel findoms fucking your mind

Mistress Lena was not about to fail her exam when she knew that her professor had the exam questions she wanted. She did not ask for them outright but instead, she mind fucked him. It all started by her flirting with him and as he got turned on, she took advantage and she made him tell her all that was going to be in the final exam. Needless to say, she passed.

Mistress Gabriela is blessed with a sexy pair of tits and she did not hesitate to use them for her benefit as she did not know why else she had them if she could not use them for her financial benefit. She used them to turn on guys and with her mind fuck findom, she turned them into her money slaves and human ATMs. And she laughed all the way to the bank.

This mistress is hot and as a sexy girl, she cannot be seen in an old and rickety car. That is why she had to have a new car. And to get it, she did not use her own money. And she did not want credit either. So she used mind fuck findom to get the guys who fell for her to give her money which she in turn used to get the new car in cash.

Mistress BlackDiamoond loves to mess with her money slaves and her best thing to do is to use her hot ass to turn them on and use mind fuck findom to make sure they are not in their senses as she messes up with them and gets them to do what she wants which is always to shower her with lots of money. She has never had to force them to give her money as they do it willingly.

When this mistress realized all the nasty things that her boss did so as to make sure that his company stayed ahead of the competition, she did not feel bad about making him her bitch. She turned him into a money slave and she used mind fuck findom to achieve it. Being attractive, that was easy as she used sex appeal to get him to want her and then she executed the rest.

Lady Rockabella was interested in teasing and humiliating this loser for cash and so she did not spare any effort to hypnotize him. She exposed and flaunted her hot ass, her sexy legs and her nice boobs for him. And once he was under her control, the mistress did not waste any time in turning him into her financial slave and having him do all she wanted him to do.

Madame Svea likes to distract guys with her hot tits because she knows they are irresistible. She then goes ahead to make them admire her and want more knowing that as they do so, they are surrendering control to her and she in turn uses that to make sure she gets what she wanted from them. And that was what she was up to as she humiliated this guy for her own benefit.

Goddess Nika was after this guy's money and she knew the best way to get it was to use her pussy. So she undressed and she teased him by playing with her pussy. She could see the effect it was having on him and she liked it. She then used that power it gave her to control him and control his wallet thereby making her smile all the way to the bank.

Mistress Emily did not want to put up with this loser as he was boring. So she decided to make him interesting and she did so using her mind fuck fetish. She teased him and gained total control over him before she went ahead to use very same control to make him do crazy things for her enjoyment. He did so and she laughed at him and even took advantage of him financially.

Mistress Gaia had a rich student and he did not seem to be very good at his classwork. And so she saw an opening to make money from him. She used her naughtiness and her sexy looks to tease him as well as to ask him to remain behind for remedial classes. And then she mind fucked him and made money from him without him knowing what she was doing.

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