Mindfuck Findom

Cruel findoms fucking your mind

This mistress is blessed with a gorgeous body and she knows it. She does not shy away from using it for her own fun. And that is what she did today as she teased this guy, showed off her hot curves and her sexy tits. Then she mind fucked him before she took advantage of him financially. She had a great time at his expense and even made money out of it.

Goddess Yasemin wanted to dominate this guy but the guy thought that she was interested in him and wanted to screw him. So he prepared to have fun but the mistress chose to turn him as an object of fun for her and she made him her human atm. She ended up making some money from him and having fun at his expense. He was powerless to stop what she did.

Lady Rockabella is one of those mistresses who do not need a reason to dominate or humiliate. She used her mind fucking prowess to dominate this guy and have fun at his expense. The mistress enjoyed having fun and making him do what she wanted. He could do nothing about it so he did not even try to beg her to stop. She just endured what he did to him.

This guy messed with mistress Emily but he did not know the mess he had created for himself. The mistress took things easy and she appeared harmless. The guy did not suspect anything as she schemed and she eventually used mind fuck findom to get back at him. The mistress eventually dominated him financially and when she was done she considered them even as she laughed all the way to the bank.

Madame Svea had a great time teasing this guy and messing with his head. She was having a great time at his expense while he thought it was some weird kind of foreplay. But in the end, the mistress made him pay for her time even though he did not even get to touch her or do anything with her. He cursed meeting her but she did not care as she had what she wanted which was money.

Princess Serena is always full of surprises and today was one such day. Today the mistress used her mind fuck findom to dominate this guy and to take financial advantage of him. She knew he was loaded but he was also a bigot and so she did not feel anything as she financially dominated him because she felt that he deserved everything that she did to him. He did not know how he lost a lot of money.

Mistress Medea has a hot body and she used it to tease this guy. And it is while she teased him that she was able to mind fuck him. The mistress went ahead to turn him into a pay slave after she had mind fucked him since she now had total control over him and she could do to him as she pleased. All the mistress wanted was his money.

Goddess Nika felt that it was up to her to find a way to mind fuck this guy and she did it in a way the guy had never imagined would happen. He was there for a good time but the mistress had other ideas. And he took advantage of him by teasing him and getting him under her total control and direction. Then the guy became her ass slave.

Lady Demona wanted to torture this guy and so she did it as cruelly as she could. The mistress used her big tits to tease and get this guy wanting her. He was malleable to her and she was able to do whatever she wanted with him. And that is how she made him torture himself for her enjoyment as he wanted to please her and he was under her total control.

Lady Zora owed this guy a lot of money and she knew it would be hard for her to pay him. And so she used her mind fuck findom to make him think that she had paid him. She messed with him to the extent that he thought that he owed her instead of her owing him. And that is how the mistress was able to pay back her debt.

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