Mindfuck Findom

Cruel findoms fucking your mind

Mistress Harley did not want to take expensive student loans. She knew that they could mess up her future when she was done with school and that is why she chose to make her money in a different way. She used mind fuck findom to tease and get guys to have fun with her but then she would then turn them into her financial slaves and get money from them that she used to pay her tuition.

Lady Rockabella wanted to find out the secrets that her new boyfriend had. She wanted to know whether he had a dark past or something she needed to be afraid of and so she brainfucked him so that she could get that information. She did it while putting on a show for him and as he enjoyed what she did, he did not realize that he was slowly losing control to him and she used it to get info from him.

To get this guy mind fucked, goddess Yasemin went ahead to tease the guy. The mistress made him watch as she put on a show and showed off her hot ass and her nice tits. He was turned on seeing her do her thing and in no time, he was under her control as she mind fucked him and had him do what she wanted and how she wanted it done.

Mistress Claudia wanted to have a good time with this celebrity. She had attended his concert and when it was over, he invited her backstage. She made sure that it was just the two of them and as they talked, she mind fucked him and she made him relax and they had the kind of fun they had both been dreaming of. And she made sure he did not remember what had happened.

Mistress Madison wanted to make money from paypigs and she felt that she needed to learn about mind fuck findom. So she went ahead and she tried mind fuck findom. She watched all she could watch about it and she recorded herself as she tried it. It was fun for her and she had a great time increasing her technique and skill. In no time, she was so good at it that her entry into findom was smooth.

Lady Stefanie wanted a favor from this guy but she knew he was the kind of guy who did not like helping people. And so she used her mind fuck findom to help him to make him change. The mistress was in her nightdress which made her come across as sexier and even inviting. And it accelerated his mind fuck findom and he ended up doing what she wanted him to do.

Mistress Kat had a new slave and she wanted him to find a better way to act around the house. He did not listen to her and she was pissed as she felt that he was insubordinate and she had to nip it in the bud. She did so by teasing him and turning him on with her hot ass and exposed big boobs. As he was enjoying watching her, she mind fucked him and controlled him then questioned him to get how to change him effectively.

Madame Marissa wanted to find out what she could do to this guy in order to control him and so she came back having learned about mind fuck findom. And she did not hesitate to use it in order to get what she wanted. That is what led to the guy agreeing to do what she wanted. She was satisfied at the end of it all as her method was effective.

Lady Shay knew that the best way for her to get money from this loser was to mind fuck him so that she could take advantage of him. The mistress went ahead to turn him into her human credit card and she had a great time as she went shopping with his money later on. He did not even know what had happened as he was not in his right mind.

Mistress Dana wanted to try mind fucking so she chose to try it out on her ex instead of trying it out on a loser who would be a stranger as she did not have a slave. The mistress enjoyed teasing him and since she knew him well, she did not have a problem getting him turned on. So she turned on him and she got him to lick her ass and she teased then denied him when she felt it was enough.

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