Mindfuck Findom

Cruel findoms fucking your mind

Goddess Mel is experienced in mind fuck findom and she had a lot of girls wanting to learn about it and they wanted her to teach them. But she did not have the time to teach them individually even though she was open to teaching them. So she made an instructional video and she posted it online for them to check out and apply what she told them. She even asked them to make videos for her to check out what they did.

Mistress Gaia had never mind fucked or taken advantage of anyone financially but she needed it because it was the only avenue she had left if she was to graduate. She had to finish college and she used mind fuck findom to pay her tuition. The mistress used her hot body and her naughty moves to get this guy mind fucked and once he was, she took advantage of him financially.

This mistress wanted to kill two birds with one stone and she did it with her mind fuck and findom fetishes. She wanted to pretend and lie to this guy that she was into him and that she was having fun with him but at the same time she wanted to make money from him. So she teased him and when she was done, she mind fucking him, she turned him into her financial slave.

Princess Serena wanted to make some money from this loser and she felt that mind fucking him was the best way to go about it. The mistress did not mind showing off her hot body to get him turned on and make it easy for her to mind fuck him. After she had mind fucked him, she got started on her financial domination and she got some good money out of it.

This mistress came across mind fuck findom and she loved it. She did not know anything about it but she knew she had found what she wanted to do. She watched all those videos and she tried her best to copy some moves and to even come up with some of them. The mistress had a great time trying out the moves. She wanted to be good at it before she tried it on a loser.

Goddess Nika has a lovely ass and she did not hesitate to use it to get what she wanted from this loser. The mistress enjoyed herself as she teased him and she disarmed him. He took the bait and she managed to make him do all the things she wanted him to do and she got all the evidence she was sent to gather from him before she left him there.

Madame Svea knew that she had to get her hands on the information this guy. But she was sure he would not give it to her willingly so she chose to use a different method to get it. The mistress chose to mind fuck the guy and she enjoyed it and he did too. But he did not notice how she was hypnotizing him and then got him to tell her all she needed to know.

Mistress Dana wanted to enjoy her day as she had nothing to do. She tried to lie on the couch and do nothing but she was soon bored. She had to find something to do and she settled on mind fucking this loser for fun. He was attracted to her and she knew it but she did not feel him. So she felt there was no harm teasing him a little bit and it ended up being a lot of fun.

This mistress was bored and she wanted to fuck up someone for fun. So she chose to mind fuck this guy for the sheer fun of it. She did not want anything from him and she did not want to make him feel pain. She just wanted to mind fuck him and she did it by turning on her sexy looks for him. He could not resist whatever she did to him.

This sexy ass blonde who is also blessed with a big pair of tits wanted to mind fuck this guy. But unlike those mistresses who do it too, she did not want anything from the guy. She was only having fun and practicing how to better in case she ever wanted to get something from a difficult person. She had a great time teasing the guy with her hot body.

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